Truth hurts

Truth hurts is the name of a preset in Synthmaster 2.8 (FX Truth hurts), and also the title of my entry to the Synthmaster Contest (december) 2016.

Direct link to mp3

This is the direct link to the song as mp3 (320 kbps).

Direct link to zip

This is link to zip, containing the mp3 as well as an information sheet/track-list.


The terrorist attack on Atatürk Airport (june 2016) happened when I just started the song and influenced the making of, and the athmosphere of the piece.


Logic 9, with Synthmaster 2.8 as AudioUnit.


For the most Synthmaster presets, and one own sound (within Synthmaster of course): Hyk-WaveRhytmrebuild).
28 tracks are used, 26 SM tracks, 1 track for the Acoustic Tom and 1 for the Cymbal.


The synthmaster track DR 80s Kit SFZ MK. It's only from 2:23 that I use a Logic Acoustic 10" Tom C2 12 to give some more boost. And a cymbal is used (one stroke..) from the plugin Cymbalistic.

Other things used

EQ, compressor, limiter, a delay plugin, reverb, and that's about it.

Sounds used in Truth hurts

The image below shows the tracks used:

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Used sounds in Truth hurts (Synthmaster Instrument 2.8)
Used sounds in Truth hurts (Synthmaster Instrument 2.8)

Synth music

Listen to 'Truth hurts' here

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Not free - This music, although free to listen to on my website, is not free to use, not public domain, and may not be used for other purposes other than listening here on this website (Truth hurts is ment for the contest of course..)